What is HSBCnet

HSBCnet, HSBC’s Global Internet banking channel, is designed to meet the demands of corporate and institutional clients for the delivery of cash management solutions.
HSBCnet provides secure, robust, real-time access to your cash management solutions across multiple geographies through your browse


Via a single sign-on, HSBCnet delivers:

  • Access information on accounts held with HSBC globally and with other third party banks
  • View real-time and end-of-day balances/transaction activities of the accounts in summary and details.
  • Comprehensive reporting, online and via file download
  • Payment and transfer initiation via direct input, templates (for regular suppliers and beneficiaries), and / or file upload
  • Remote access to initiate and / or approve transactions from multiple locations
  • Account administration tools for user access control and transaction limit maintenance
  • Compatibility with local and global industry standard message and file formats
  • Seamless integration with your accounting and treasury systems
  • Corporate fire-wall friendly connectivity with no use of plug-ins and applets
  • Personalised browser and content settings to reflect individual preferences and job requirements


No matter what the size of your business, HSBCnet provides you with the tools that you need to sustain and enhance your competitive advantage



Our Integrated Delivery Channels employ strict levels of systems security to protect information confidentiality and transaction management integrity.


HSBCnet delivers:

  • Multi-level end-to-end security preventing unauthorized access to accounts, transaction and data
  • Encrypted sessions between your browser and HSBC
  • Protection against key-logging and ‘denial of service’ attacks
  • Two-factor authentication using one-time password technology via Security Devices that limit system access to designated persons



HSBCnet is uniquely interoperable. For example, you can deliver a file of payment instructions directly from you ERP system to HSBC and subsequently review and authorise it via HSBCnet

Why Choose HSBC

Efficiency, customization and security. With HSBC you receive convenient single sign-on access to all corporate banking service including cash management, trade, markets and securities service
Take comfort in the fact that you are always supported by the leading client service team in the market
Innovation in delivery channels and service


  • Global account information and reporting, providing access to reliable and accurate information for greater control over cash flow
  • Single sign-on, reducing management and administration time
  • Ability to manage local accounts remotely, reducing the number of international transactions and the associated costs
  • Seamless Integration with your systems infrastructure to streamline business processes, reduce processing time and eliminate errors
  • Market leading ‘personalistion’ that supplies specific functionality demanded by the user, saving time and promoting ease of use
  • Security features that meet industry standards, protecting confidentiality of information and transaction integrity


Integrated Solutions

Our cash management solutions are designed to integrate with your business and are delivered via HSBCnet , HSBC’s global Internet banking. Through an innovative and unique process of combining the development of our cash management solutions and over delivery channels, HSBC brings you ‘truly integrated’ solution.



Established in Asia in 1865, the HSBC Group has over 590 branches and offices in 20 countries and territories across the region. HSBC’s Global Payments and Cash Management team is the premier provider of domestic and regional cash management solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Through dedicated sales, product management, implementation and client service teams, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated products and services at both the regional and local level.

Find out more

For more information about HSBC’s Integrated Delivery Channels, please visit our website www.hsbcnet.com or contact cash management specialist today at tel: 673 2252 339