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Bill Payment

Pay your bills with your HSBC Credit Card

Credit Card Bill Payment

HSBC is the only bank in Brunei to provide Credit Card Bill Payments, where you can pay your bills online with your HSBC Credit Card, which means that you are always first in line, everytime! No more queues, no hassles and no need to search for a parking spot just to pay a bill with your credit card.

With HSBC's Bill Payment service, you can

  • Arrange for a Direct Debit to automatically pay your bills at regular intervals at no extra cost
  • Pay your bills using your HSBC Credit Card


Double protection, Double rewards
Paying your bills online with your HSBC Credit Card also ensures that you get the benefit of both internet banking and credit card features such as 2-layer authentication with the Security Device, and the Credit Card Certificate of Insurance.

Earn Credit Card Rewards Points with any Credit Card Bill Payment, which you can use later to redeem for KrisFlyer Air Miles or other items.

Start making time for yourself by using our Bill Payment services and let us take care of your banking needs!


How to make bill payments

 Things you need to do before you sign up
 - Register for Internet Banking
 - Activate your Security Device
 - Activate 3rd party transfersFor more details

Please view our extended guide
 Add a payee
 - Click 'Add a payee'
 - Select the merchant
 - Add Bill details
 - Enter security device number to confirm
 Paying your bill
 - Click 'Pay bills' then 'Pay a bill'
 - Select account to debited, and merchant to be credited
 - Enter amount and your payment options
 - Click 'Pay' to confirm


Paying your bills is made easier with online@hsbc

Paying your bills is made easier with online@hsbc, emphasizing on greater flexibility to pay bills by debiting your bank account instantly or at a later date with no additional charges.


Key Features

  • Setting up of Payee
    You simply key in the bill account number after having selected the merchant you want to pay your bills to. The list of merchants can be found here.
  • Multiple Bill Payment
    At online@hsbc, you are able to pay multiple bill payments at any one time to multiple bill payees from a single page. All your payees will be presented in a drop-down list for ease of selection.

  • Forward dated Bill Payment
    You can preset a forward-dated payment or multiple recurring payments in online@hsbc free of charge. These electronic instructions are completely maintainable by customers themselves.

  • e-Alert
    Complementing the above electronic payment services, you can choose to receive payment confirmations messages either by SMS, email or both. This communication option will provide you with timely information about exclusive offers in addition to real-time confirmations of your transactions or transgression of significant balance thresholds.

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