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Get The New HSBC Visa Debit Card, Today!

From smaller purchases at a nearby shopping complex to as big as paying your utility bills or travel expenses, the new and versatile HSBC Debit Card offers a host of premium benefits and features allowing you to enjoy great accessibility and convenience depending on your everyday or year-round needs, both locally and overseas.

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Online Shopping with HSBC Debit Card

Your HSBC Visa debit card is the ideal partner when shopping online. You can use your Visa debit card to pay for purchases online wherever you see the Visa logo.

All purchases are itemised on your statement for you to track your spend. And you also benefit from the added security protection when shopping online using your HSBCdebit card.

  • Security - provided in association with Verified by Visa, protects your card against unauthorised use when you shop online with participating merchants. When you shop at these online stores, your Visa debit card will be assessed whether additional security information is required to verify your purchase. In most cases, no further verification will be required. However, in certain circumstances, we will ask you to enter some additional security information.
  • Convenient – Purchase at the click of a button. Shop from your phone or on your computer whenever you want and from wherever you want. Shopping online allows you to visit and compare several different retailers, ensuring you buy exactly what you want and that you never miss out on the best deal.
  • Control - Keep full control of your spend. Every transaction is itemised on your statement.

Features & Benefits

HSBC Debit Card

Hassle Free Transaction


With a HSBC Debit Card, you will be able to make cashless purchase transactions at local and overseas merchants with electronic payment terminals, that accept VISA card as a payment mode. This will save you time, without having to go to an ATM machine to withdraw cash for your purchases.

HSBC Debit Card

Offers Convenience


Cardholders can withdraw cash from their HSBC savings and current account. You can link up to three Savings/Current accounts to your Debit card.

HSBC Debit Card

Global Recognition, Worldwide Network


In addition, cardholders can also withdraw cash at Automated Teller Machines (with PLUS logo) across the globe. You can expect instant acceptance worldwide at tens of millions of merchants and 1.4 million ATMs that displays the Visa logo in more than 170 countries and territories worldwide; you will always have cash when you need it.

HSBC Debit Card

Secure and Reliable


Cardholders can now carry the HSBC Debit card with peace of mind because of the enhanced security. It assures protection of the data stored in the card and offers user authentication facilities which protects customers' card from being fraudulently copied, and reduces the potential of fraud.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a HSBC Debit Card?

Designed to complement your lifestyle, the HSBC Debit Card doubles up as an ATM card, thus saving you the need to carry a separate ATM card. Plus, it works the same way as a credit card; the only difference is that transaction amount is directly debited from your current or savings account.


How can I use my HSBC Debit Card?

Your HSBC Debit Card works similarly to an ATM card. You can withdraw cash at any HSBC ATMs both locally and overseas, including any other ATMs worldwide which carries the PLUS logo. Plus, you can use your HSBC Debit Card to pay for your purchases at retail merchants that accept Credit Card locally and overseas.


How do I activate my HSBC Debit Card?

You can activate your Debit card by making an initial transaction through any ATM (local or overseas) using your provided PIN. Please note that your existing HSBC ATM card will be deactivated upon activation of your HSBC Debit card.


Do I have to pay for the Debit card?

Yes. The annual fee for HSBC Debit Card is BND20. However, the fee is waived for HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers.


What is meant by the primary account?

The primary account is the main/first account of operation i.e. the account from which purchase transactions, charges and fees related to the Debit Card are debited.


Can multiple accounts be linked to my HSBC Debit Card?

Multiple accounts may be linked to the Debit Card, however, purchase transactions at merchant establishments will only be effected by debit from the primary account. The transaction will not be honoured if the primary account has insufficient funds even if there are required funds available cumulatively or severally in the other accounts linked to the Debit Card.


About Visa Debit Payment

Does the Debit Card carry a Visa or MasterCard logo?

The HSBC Debit Card carries a Visa logo where you can use it for your purchases at over millions of Visa merchants and withdraw cash from any PLUS ATMs around the world.


How can I make a purchase with my Debit Card?

Simply present your card to the merchant. They will swipe your card to pay for your purchases. The transaction is deducted immediately from your HSBC savings or current account. You will be asked to sign on a sales slip as a confirmation of the transaction.


Is there any confirmation on any transaction on my HSBC Debit Card?

All transactions made are electronically recorded and will be reflected in your monthly statements, after the merchants have performed settlements. It is advisable to keep all receipts of your purchases as your record to verify against your monthly account statement.


Is there a limit to the amount that I can withdraw or spend using my HSBC Debit Card?

With your HSBC Debit Card, you can withdraw up to BND4,000 or equivalent in foreign currency daily at any HSBC ATMs and at any other ATM worldwide that carries the 'PLUS' logo. You can also spend up to BND4,000 daily at any location around the world that accepts Visa card. However, as a security measure, please note that each single transaction you make is limited to BND4,000 only, or the amount equivalent to the foreign currency for purchases made overseas.


Can I still use my HSBC Debit Card to make a purchase which cost more than the available balance in my account?

No, you can only purchase within the limit of the available balance in your account. If you exceed, your payment request will be declined.


Is there a charge if I use the HSBC Debit Card for overseas cash withdrawal?

Yes, there will be a charge for making withdrawal at overseas ATMs. For information on the latest charges, please refer to our General Tariff available on our website or you may visit your nearest HSBC Retail Store.


Is there a charge if I use the HSBC Debit Card for my overseas purchases?



Is it possible to make online purchase with my HSBC Debit Card?

Yes, Internet/Online purchases can be made using your Debit card.


Merchant Surcharge FAQ

What if a merchant required me to make a minimum purchase when I used my debit card?

A merchant may set a minimum transaction amount for debit card.


What if a merchant wanted to charge a surcharge or fee to use my debit card?

Merchants are prohibited to charge any surcharge for using your debit card.

If you would like to report a questionable charge, you can send an email to or contact the general hotline at +6732252252.


What if a merchant required me to provide identification to use my debit card?

A merchant must not refuse to complete a transaction solely because a cardholder refuses to provide additional identification information. However, there are certain situations where a merchant may require some personal information, such as a shipping address for online purchases. Additionally, if your card is unsigned, a merchant should request personal identification to confirm your identify and ask the cardholder to sign the card before completing the transaction.

If you believe that a merchant has violated the above standard or their actions requesting identification are questionable, you can send an email to or contact the general hotline at +6732252252.


Questions not answered here?

If your question is not listed among the previous topics and questions, your best option is to contact the financial institution that issued your card, since they have additional information specific to your account. Typically, their customer service number for your financial institution on the back of each card that you can call or send an email to or contact the general hotline at +6732252252.


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