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Secure Online Shopping Services


HSBC's Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCodeTM are the secure online payment services to provide you with extra security and peace of mind when you shop online with your HSBC's personal credit cards

  • An extra level of protection and security for shopping online
  • Available at no additional cost
  • Easy-to-use services with no software to download
  • All you need to register is an active account with online@hsbc, HSBC's Internet Banking Services.

Click here to view the online demo.

Why is it secure?

Password protection

  • You create a password of your choice.
  • Use it like your ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) - ensuring that only you can use your credit card online.


Additional protection with the personal message

  • You create your own personal message.
  • You check your own personal message prior to entering your password - confirming that your transaction is authenticated by HSBC and ensuring that the authentication screen is genuine.

How does it work?

1. Register the secure online payment services with HSBC's personal credit cards by creating your password and personal

2. Shop online at participating merchants and pay with your HSBC's personal credit cards which you have registered* for the
    secure online payment services.

3. Verify that the authentication screen is genuine by checking that the personal message is the one you created at the time of

4. Enter your password to authenticate the transaction and complete your online purchase.

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