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Protect your card

Protecting your pin

  • Remember your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) number regularly.
  • Do not write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the Debit card.
  • Never keep your Debit card together with the Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Never disclose the Personal Identification Number (PIN) to any person, including any employees of the Bank.
  • Ensure that no one else but only you have access to your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Ensure that no one is observing while you are keying in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the ATM.

When making purchases

  • Notify HSBC if your address changes or if you will be traveling. You may contact us at 2252252 or send a message via HSBC Internet Banking
  • Save your receipts to compare with your statement.
  • Never sign a blank receipt. Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.
  • During a transaction, keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.
  • Don't give your Credit card / Debit card account number to anyone on the phone unless you've made the call to a company you know to be reputable. If you've never done business with them before, do an online search first for reviews or complaints.
  • Call 2252252 as soon as you realize your card has been lost or stolen.

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Hotline Numbers

Call us at 1-800-0252 in Brunei or (673)2 252 252 from overseas